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TITLE Boxing Club Stamford Virtual Workouts

Experience your favorite workouts, LIVE, from TITLE Boxing Club. These remote workouts are streamable from any device via a simple Zoom app. Logging in as easy as 1-2-3 and gives you flexibility to access live classes with your favorite club trainers. Read more below about benefits and how to schedule your FIRST FREE CLASS!


Benefits of this Platform:

  • Work out in the comfort of your own home and on the go – These sessions
    can be accessed simply using our Zoom tool and can be streamed from any
  • Live trainers will guide and motivate you – This is your team delivering the
    quality of a workout that you are familiar with. You take you own pace but
    trainers are here to motivate with passion and skilled coaching to ensure
    proper technique and form.
  • Challenging workouts good for your body and your mind – Burn up to 1,000
    calories through rigorous training program. These workouts incorporate
    various cardiovascular exercises, boxing/kickboxing and core elements and
    finished off with stretching.
  • 60-minute classes 7 days a week – We offer a broad class schedule morning,
    afternoon and evening. Designed to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule.


Your First Virtual Session is FREE!
Register TODAY!


Follow These Simple Steps To
Reserve Your First Session:

  • Select a day and time from our “Class Schedule”
    that works for you. <Click schedule to open>
  • Submit your name, number and email address,
    goal priority and preferred day/time below.
  • One of our team members will contact you to
    learn more about your goals and schedule your time.